Striking Matches over Exposed Gunpowder.

Don't worry: gunpowder is inflammable.


i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned this on here

so three years ago, in the magical year of 2010 when scott pilgrim hype was at its peak, i started working on a graphical mod for rockman 7 fc (a fanmade 8-bit version of mega man 7 that’s totally great) called scott pilgrim and the infinite difficulty

i did not make much progress and as such it was never released, what you see here is most of what i did (aside from these characters’ other animation frames)

some highlights

  • the R-U-S-H emblems that you have to find to get the super adapter now spell out the word love. the super adapter would make scott go into ramona’s bag and then ramona would be playable
  • the proto shield would let you play as wallace
  • i think kim was going to be rush coil somehow
  • envy was going to replace bass
  • when enemies die they turn into a coin from super mario bros.
  • i’m very proud of my decisions to make lynette guycott springman, lucas lee turboman, and roxie richter slashman
  • yeah that’s about it

(via fyeahscottpilgrim)

my life in one exchange

  • other people: oh it's way faster to go down this road to this intersection to get to this back road to cut over this way and get to this onramp! It's way faster and saves like 3 minutes!
  • me: or you could just take Madison.

- 90-year-old does a double backflip.